Your computer network is 21st Century – why not your phone system?  RingCentral Business Phones – done right!


Move your phone system out of the closet and into the Cloud.  You will love the features, savings and flexibility.  After we talk, this one is an easy decision.


Antiques are beautiful to look at, but not to depend upon for business communications.

Your current phone system may be as old – don’t you think it is time to upgrade?


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“Out of the Closet and Into the Cloud” – catchy, but important?

The workings of your phone system have been digital for a long time so why box them up in a proprietary case and stash them away in a closet?  The secret is out – it’s just a computer!

We are a small business like you.  Over 30+ years, we have had phone systems from Sprint, AT&T, IBM, Cisco, and others.  They all had three things in common;

  1. You could talk on them, limited by their features.
  2. They were very expensive to purchase and even worse to maintain or change as we grew.
  3. They were worth almost nothing on eBay or Craig’s List to re-sell when we no longer needed them.

The phone calls, transfers, on hold, parking of calls, voice mail, and other features were all controlled by firmware and software inside a box.  Once we outgrew the capacity of the box, we had to purchase a new system and start over: new box, new phones, new installation costs, new training, etc.

RingCentral changes this completely.  The software running the phone system is still in a computer, but it is located in RingCentral’s data centers.  The features and rules controlling how you present yourself to callers are easily managed through a web browser.  You have nothing to buy up front, even the phones may be rented.  You are even free from “how many lines do we need?” since your internet bandwidth determines how many concurrent calls will be supported.  We can test your connection for how many calls it will support and the quality you will have.

Your RingCentral system grows, or contracts, as you need to add or eliminate users.  You simply subscribe to what you need, when you need it.  The features and flexibility of RingCentral will surprise you.  There are even some secrets to having fully functioning extensions for free!

Oh, and do not be fooled by “free phones!” and other giveaways to lock you into a contract.  Check your real expense for the real quality and features your business requires.  We are confident you will choose RingCentral – we did for our own business.

Why work with CHOICE I.T. Services rather than RingCentral direct?  The better question is “why not?”  The price is the same, but we bring the specialized knowledge of how to best integrate these network based phones into your data network and for remote users.  While administering RingCentral is child’s play compared to most VOIP phone systems, it still takes a pretty bright child with good IP networking experience to get the performance you require.  So, if  you look like the little guy above, do it yourself.  If you are busy managing your real business then let us help.  It is shockingly inexpensive.

You are in a competitive world and an excellent voice system is an important part of it.  Make the best of it, and at the least expense.  This is where we can help.  Welcome to our world of expertise.  Call Patrick Judge at 919.714.7585 to arrange a meeting today.

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