Email slow?  Too much SPAM?

“Can you help me with my company email? It is unreliable and slow. We are bogged down with SPAM.   An email virus cost me a lot in lost customer emails.”

Yes.  There are various ways we can manage and eliminate these email problems. The best solution depends upon your size, whether your email is in-house or hosted outside, your need to access email remotely, even on your cell phone, the need for group calendars, etc.   We will size the solution to your needs and budget.

Need secure remote access?

“We could achieve so much more if we could work from home, job sites, and other remote locations. Can we do that and keep it secure and fast?”

We can have you working remotely, securely and fast. There are multiple ways to work away from the office yet have access to everything as though you were there, and just as protected and secure. We have the ability and experience to provide remote access from branch offices, from home or kiosks through the internet or private circuits, for one to hundreds of employees.

Printer down?  Laptop crashed?

“Things break. Can you fix my computers, printers, and network devices?”

Yes, we can. Our service department can fix almost any product.  We can also provide preventive maintenance and remote service which can help you avoid costly down time by fixing problems at the symptom stage before a failure. By doing much of this remotely, we can save you costly travel time.

Unreliable network?  Surprise repair bills?

“I actually have a business to run, and it is not about computers. Can you take the surprises and up and down costs out of keeping my network running well?”

That is exactly what we are best at. We are in our 25th year of business and our ability to manage your network for you will save you money, time, and stress. We can be your complete, or supplemental, IT department. We can do the daily maintenance and help desk services as well as the major upgrades and projects which your business may need today or tomorrow. We can do this for less than the normal “on demand” basis because we get to know you and your needs and can plan and schedule proactively to meet and exceed them. Talk to us about our Guaranteed Networks program.