@Cost Club saves you a lot of $$$

The Guaranteed Networks CARE level @Cost Club saves you money on products, as well as your time spent in procurement.  Since you can have any product at cost, why waste time shopping around?

Membership benefits; A customer may purchase any IT product at cost plus a $10.00 per order processing fee.
Cost = The price which CHOICE I.T. Services pays to deliver the product to the customer, composed of:

  • The price CHOICE I.T. Services pays its vendor for the product.
  • Any freight cost incurred by CHOICE I.T. Services to deliver the product to the customer.
  • If payment is made by credit card, any applicable card issuer fees incurred by CHOICE I.T. Services.

There are no limitations on the quantity or value of orders placed as a member of the @Cost Club.  All products which CHOICE I.T. Services is authorized to purchase for re-sale are available through the @Cost Club.

Membership requirement = A customer in good standing with a current CHOICE I.T. Services Guaranteed Networks CARE level contract in effect.