We are currently seeking applicants for the following positions:

Account Managers

We’re looking for friendly and outgoing Account Managers. Are you a good fit?

  • Can you communicate what technology products and services can do for a company?
  • Can you see how a client can use us as their “time-share” IT Department to free them up to pursue what they are great at?
  • Are you someone who would rather talk than email?
  • Do you see the big picture of relationships over single sales transactions?

If “yes”, you might be a great Account Manager our customers would appreciate and we may have a job for you.

System Engineers

We’re looking for experienced system engineers.  Are you a good fit?

  • Can you explain and implement technology based processes and apply them to the problems at hand?
  • Do you have a background of hands-on problem diagnostics and solving?
  • Are you someone who can’t rest until it is right?
  • Do you know when to call in for reinforcements when you’ve hit a wall?

If you answered “yes,” you may be the type of System Engineer our customers love and we may have a job for you.

If you thought, “No, that’s not me,” you may have a job for us.

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