A Guaranteed Network – is an outcome.

It is an available and accessible network through maintenance done right.

Guaranteed Network’s features include:

  • 24 x 7 monitoring of server, PC, and network device performance and availability
  • Cloud based business class Anti-virus and Malware software on all systems
  • Windows Operating system and application security and version patching
  • Hands on disk cleanup, in depth scanning for problems
  • LogMeIn remote access software for immediate support and problem solution – you have no delays waiting for unnecessary onsite visits
  • Ongoing feedback to you on all service issues and action taken to solve through service tickets
  • Prompt response to requests for assistance and support
  • CARE LEVEL includes all tools and our response to solve all maintenance issues for a flat fee
  • WATCH LEVEL includes all tools and service ticket notification to your staff on problem issues for a flat fee.  We are there as a backup to your staff as needed.

Guaranteed Networks is more than simply the above bullet points.  It is a relationship where we know your network and IT goals and become your trusted partner in ensuring your best business use of these valuable, and necessary tools.

Spend a few minutes watching the video below.  You will see how we can save you money in the important maintenance and management of your network for your staff’s use and business’ benefit.



I have a business to run, and it is not about computers.

Can you take the stress and unpredictable costs out of keeping my network running well?

Is this service right for you? (bonus = @CostClub)

Probably – read on and find out.

You are an expert in something, but it is probably not IT.  In today’s digital world the information which you need is dependent upon the proper interaction of computers, networks, and the internet. If this equipment does not work together you are at risk of losing money, reputation, and customers. You should focus on what you do well – your customers, your business, and your other interests. Have us keep the information available, accessible and secure.

As the technology becomes more and more familiar it is easy to think its maintenance is a Do It Yourself task.  You may think having an employee pick up the slack as an incremental duty is saving you money.  But remember, your use and dependence upon IT has grown and become a critical element of your business and success. The implementation of proper network components and their maintenance requires professional attention. After all, you don’t ask your accounting manager to maintain your building’s plumbing, so why entrust the security and maintenance of your network to an amateur who has other important work to do?

You are in a competitive world and IT is an important part of it.  Make the best of it, and at the least expense.  This is where we can help.  Welcome to our world of expertise.  Call Patrick Judge at 919.714.7585 to arrange a meeting today.

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